Nazi Zombies – the true story!

No – one has known how the zombies from black ops were made! Maybe from a meteorite? Maybe from a flu? But I’m gonna tell you!


Years ago, a scientist/dad had created a chemical, which he used on another scientist, who was willing to give up his life for the research! He turned into a zombie! The scientist was fascinated about this, and started studying it. Days later, it broke loose and killed the scientist/dad. He turned all the other into zombies by shooting this gas out of his mouth. The daughter of the dead scientist/dad was waiting in her room. She heard the zombie come in, thinking it was her dad. The zombie didn’t know she was there! She opened the door, saw the zombie and screamed. The zombie picked her up, took her away, and possessed her! She became in charge of the zombies! They went to a abandoned theatre called Kind Der Toten, where they hid. Then some Germans came and had to defeat them. Years later, in  the Pentagon science labs, scientists were studying the same chemical on a zombie! All the office workers and public in the building were allowed to see the zombie, but it broke the glass and made every one breathe in the gas, including the scientists. Meanwhile, the president and three men were in a meeting, unaware of the tragic event! The zombies broke in and they fought their way out!


And that is the story of the Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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